Tonja Little

        Tonja Little is the CEO of Mindful Missions. Since inception in 2017, Tonja has had a vision for creating a quality therapeutic afterschool enrichment program and summer enrichment program.

        Mindful Missions works immerse with students in academics, enrichment and intensive intervention through individual and group therapy. Tonja would like to be an effective decisive element to not only change the way our schools interact within the world, but also provide children with the tools to become and remain productive and mindful contributing citizens.

Throughout her tenure with Mindful Missions, Tonja has had the opportunity to make many meaningful contributions to the mental health field.

        Tonja organizes community partners to support youth programs, enhances after school nutrition and physical activity, as well as addresses inner city and rural program needs. She provides effective mentors to students in the program. Tonja’s vision is fulfilled by bringing together qualified essential staff that have a clear understanding of the needs and resources for a fragile demographic.

        Tonja’s vision for Mindful Missions has been to empower the youth and identify essential services that help at risk and underserved youth. As a seasoned mental health stakeholder, Tonja brings wisdom, passion and innovation to the greater South Carolina community.

Tonja had the fortunate opportunity to begin her career in the event planning and floral artistry at a young age. She has participated in many community initiatives as a consultant master event planner and business owner. She also has expertise in the field of ground transportation and logistics.

        Tonja is a native of Charlotte, NC. She is a proud mother of two successful children, Shya Truesdell (S.C.) and Chann Little (C.A.) and an amazing grandmother to two incredible grandchildren. Tonja continues to serve her church community, give back to families in need.

Her motto is to simply: Give, Love and Serve!